Lasting Weight Loss and Eating Right for Your Archetype – FAM #070

Welcome! My guest today is Melissa Kathryn, who is a certified holistic nutritionist, weight-loss and lifestyle expert. She is a transformational coach and international best-selling author and speaker. She is the owner and founder of Melissa Kathryn, LLC, which is a holistic weight loss and lifestyle practice. From her home in California, Melissa helps hundreds […]

Weight-Loss Resistance, Bio-Individuality, and Nutrition Misinformation with Ivy Stirling – #027

Today’s guest is Ivy Stirling, who is a nutritionist and health coach who healed herself by changing her diet.  She is a firm believer in “bio-individuality,” which means that there isn’t a single diet plan that works for everyone because we are all different!  Ivy teaches the healing power of food to prevent and reverse […]