Lyme Disease Diet, Testing, and More with Dr. Jay Davidson

Welcome! My guest today is Dr. Jay Davidson, who is a doctor of natural functional medicine—AND a fellow Milwaukeean! He specializes in heavy metal detoxification and Lyme disease, treating these disorders from a natural perspective. Jay is a #1 national best-selling author, a husband, father, speaker, church elder, and former radio talk show host. He […]

Lyme Disease Treatment and Diagnosis with Aaron and Sarah Sanchez – FAM #048

Welcome!  My guests today are Sarah and Aaron Sanchez, who are a husband and wife team who do The Lyme Voice podcast.  They are passionate about working together to share information to those coping with the disease. Sarah had battled Lyme disease symptoms for 17 years but was undiagnosed.  She was told it was fibromyalgia […]

Healing Lyme Disease through Food and Natural Remedies with Greg Lee – FAM #037

Welcome!  My guest today is Dr. Greg Lee, one of the co-founders of Two Frogs Healing Center in Frederick, MD.  This episode was prompted by a listener request for more information about Lyme disease.  Greg has become an expert at successfully treating patients with Lyme disease after beginning his career in the totally unrelated field […]

Taking Back Your Health, Healing from JRA and Chronic Lyme Disease with Robin Shirley—#021

My guest today is Robin Shirley, who is the president and founder of “Take Back Your Health.”  TBYH exists to empower people who suffer from chronic illness, and give them options to recover a vibrant, meaningful lifestyle.  Robin is also a member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP).  She speaks, consults, and writes […]