Gut Health, Antibiotics and Swimming with Dr. Grace Liu – FAM #053

Welcome! Today’s guest is Dr. Grace Liu, who is a pharmacist and functional medicine practitioner. She is the “Gut Goddess.” Her expertise is in pharmacy nutrition and optimal health, and her training includes plant biology, food science, nutritional science, pharmacy, and Crossfit Nutrition. She and I met at the PaleoFX 2015 conference in Austin, TX, […]

Improving Egg Quality and Fertility After Age 35 – FAM #049

Welcome!  My guest today is Bridgit Danner, who is an expert in women’s health.  She is the host of the Women’s Wellness Radio podcast.  I met Bridgit recently at a conference in California and am excited to have her on the show! Bridgit is the owner of Blue Sky Wellness Studio in Portland, OR, which […]

The Best Diet for Preventing and Reversing Heart Disease with Dr. Joel Kahn – FAM #45

Welcome!  The show today is from our live podcast last week.  My guest is Dr. Joel Kahn, who has practiced as a cardiologist in Detroit, MI, for 25 years.  He was born and raised in suburban Detroit and attended medical school at the University of Michigan.  He is the author of several books and is […]

Digestive Health, Cognitive Enhancement and Stress Management – FAM #043

Welcome!  Today’s guest is Evan Brand, who is a certified nutritional therapy practitioner and personal trainer.  He is the author of REM Rehab and Stress Solutions and the creator of the “Not Just Paleo” podcast.  Evan specializes in whole foods nutrition, blood sugar regulation, digestive health, cognitive enhancement, and stress management.  It’s an interesting conversation […]

ADHD, Gluten and Alternative Treatments – FAM #042

Welcome!  Our episode today comes from our recent live webinar with Dr. Chantell Reagan, a wife and mom who has been a pharmacist for over 20 years.  Her career includes working in managed care and consulting, and now is focused on functional medicine and nutraceuticals.  Join us!   Chantell began the journey to functional medicine […]

Lifestyle Nutrition, Healthy Habits and Body Building with DJ White – FAM #034

Welcome!  My guest today is DJ White, who is the founder and CEO of P&P Journeys in Minnesota.  DJ is a Pilates instructor, personal trainer, wellness coach, corrective exercise specialist, power lifter, and champion body builder.  At age 40, DJ won the Regional Ms. Muscle Mania competition and has been featured by ESPN in a […]

Overcoming Migraines, Stress Reduction and Trigger Foods with Alene Brennan – FAM #030

My guest today is Alene Brennan, who is a yoga instructor, a certified health coach, and a natural food chef.  Alene is a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and Natural Gourmet Institute’s Chef Training and Food Therapy programs.  She has great insight in the food industry, as she worked for several years on […]

BONUS: Overcoming an Eating Disorder, Healing Fatty Liver Disease, and Avoiding Endless Cardio with Stephanie Inness – #026

  My guest today is Stephanie Inness, who is a personal trainer from Asheville, NC. Stephanie has much insight to nutrition and wellness, as she comes from a past of eating disorders, sickness, and yo-yo dieting. She now has a different perspective, and is DOING IT RIGHT! Listen to her advice about how to change […]