Lyme Disease Treatment and Diagnosis with Aaron and Sarah Sanchez – FAM #048

Welcome!  My guests today are Sarah and Aaron Sanchez, who are a husband and wife team who do The Lyme Voice podcast.  They are passionate about working together to share information to those coping with the disease. Sarah had battled Lyme disease symptoms for 17 years but was undiagnosed.  She was told it was fibromyalgia […]

Diet, Skin Care and Problem Triggers with Rachael Pontillo – FAM #044

Welcome!  The show today is a replay of our live podcast from last Wednesday.  My guest is Rachael Pontillo, who is a holistic health and image coach and the best-selling author of Love Your Skin, Love Yourself.  She helps women heal from skin conditions by making holistic lifestyle changes.  She has an online program, ”Create […]

Fake Olive Oils and the Corruption in the EVOO Industry with Stephen Crutchfield – FAM #039

Welcome to another exciting show!  Before I introduce today’s guest, I want to tell you about one more opportunity to watch a replay of my webinar from last Wednesday.  You can visit the website and watch it before Tuesday, August 4, at 9 am Eastern.  Because of the terrific feedback from last week’s webinar, I […]