Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Vitality Through Detox with Fran Sussman

Welcome! My guest today is Fran Sussman, a holistic practitioner since 1993 who has helped thousands of clients reclaim their health and vitality. She teaches people to heal their gut, balance hormones, reduce inflammation, heal their brains, combat Lyme disease, and much more. Her personal journey includes a full recovery from breast cancer and Lyme […]

Hormones and Gut Health with Bridgit Danner

Welcome! Today’s guest is Bridgit Danner, a fellow podcaster who is passionate about women’s health. I met Bridgit at a conference in CA, and we connected immediately. Bridgit specializes in hormones and gut health, so those are our topics today. Join us! There was an issue loading your timed LeadBox™. Please check plugin settings.

Emotional Detox and Scheduling Your Health with Summer Bock

Welcome! My guest today is Summer Bock, who is an expert in fermentation and gut rebuilding. I met Summer at a conference in CA last summer and I’ve been excited to have her on the show. Summer is here to share how she turned her life and health around and how she helps her clients […]

Lyme Disease Treatment and Diagnosis with Aaron and Sarah Sanchez – FAM #048

Welcome!  My guests today are Sarah and Aaron Sanchez, who are a husband and wife team who do The Lyme Voice podcast.  They are passionate about working together to share information to those coping with the disease. Sarah had battled Lyme disease symptoms for 17 years but was undiagnosed.  She was told it was fibromyalgia […]

Paleo Diets, Preparing for Success and Intuitive Eating with the Merrymaker Sisters – FAM #047

Welcome to today’s show!  My guests are Emma and Carla Papas, also known as “The Merrymaker Sisters.”  They are health and happiness advocates and passionate health coaches from Australia.  Their website will inspire you with paleo recipes and tips for healthy lifestyles.  Join us for more! There was an issue loading your timed LeadBox™. Please […]

Diet, Skin Care and Problem Triggers with Rachael Pontillo – FAM #044

Welcome!  The show today is a replay of our live podcast from last Wednesday.  My guest is Rachael Pontillo, who is a holistic health and image coach and the best-selling author of Love Your Skin, Love Yourself.  She helps women heal from skin conditions by making holistic lifestyle changes.  She has an online program, ”Create […]

ADHD, Gluten and Alternative Treatments – FAM #042

Welcome!  Our episode today comes from our recent live webinar with Dr. Chantell Reagan, a wife and mom who has been a pharmacist for over 20 years.  Her career includes working in managed care and consulting, and now is focused on functional medicine and nutraceuticals.  Join us!   Chantell began the journey to functional medicine […]

Fake Olive Oils and the Corruption in the EVOO Industry with Stephen Crutchfield – FAM #039

Welcome to another exciting show!  Before I introduce today’s guest, I want to tell you about one more opportunity to watch a replay of my webinar from last Wednesday.  You can visit the website and watch it before Tuesday, August 4, at 9 am Eastern.  Because of the terrific feedback from last week’s webinar, I […]

Gentler Menopause, Tonic Herbs and Jing Energy with George Lamoreux – #025

My guest for today’s show is George Lamoureux from Jing Herbs.  George left a high-stress job as a crude oil trader on Wall Street to become a tonic and clinical herbalist.  He received a master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and founded Jing Herbs.  He has been a featured speaker at the Take Back Your Health […]