Breast Cancer, Type 1 Diabetes and Endurance Athletics with Mari Ruddy – FAM #036

Welcome to another exciting episode!  My guest is Mari Ruddy, who is a friend who lives in Minneapolis, MN.  Mari is a two-time breast cancer survivor who has lived with Type 1 diabetes for most of her life.  She is an endurance athlete who has spoken to hundreds of audiences.  She is a superstar at […]

Chronic Diseases, Heart Disease and Saturated Fats with Dr. John Whitcomb – FAM #035

Welcome!  I’m excited to introduce today’s guest, Dr. John Whitcomb, who is my personal doctor.  He is a brilliant and talented physician and functional medicine practitioner in Brookfield, WI, and he has a long and distinguished career.  He grew up in India as the son of missionaries, then attended Johns Hopkins University and Yale Medical […]

Anxiety Disorder, Digestive Issues and Vitamin K, with Beverly Meyer – FAM #033

Welcome!  My guest today is Beverly Meyer, who has been an alternative health patient since the 1970’s.  She has tried many different modalities to treat anxiety, adrenal disorders, digestive issues, and numerous autoimmune disorders.  Beverly has dedicated her life to studying and finding answers and now helps many clients find their way to a better […]

Celiac Disease, Saving Time and Money with Crockpot Recipes with Stephanie O’Dea – FAM #032

Welcome to an exciting episode!  My guest is Stephanie O’Dea, who is known as “The Crockpot Lady.”  She has written numerous NY Times bestsellers about Crockpot cooking and being a “Mommy blogger.”  Her newest cookbook will be released this fall; it has five-ingredient, gluten-free recipes. There was an issue loading your timed LeadBox™. Please check […]

Toxic Mold Poisoning, Candida Diet, Minimizing Detox Reactions with Dr. Lori Arnold – FAM #031

My guest today is Dr. Lori Arnold, who is an integrative pharmacist and health coach.  Lori is fellowship trained, and board certified by the American Academy of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine.  She is also a member of the Institute of Functional Medicine.  For the last five years, she has made it her mission to educate […]

Healing Chronic Pain, Ayurvedic Medicine and Eating for Your Body Type with Martha Gesegnet-Blessing, #029

Today’s guest is Martha Blessing, who is the founder of Niagara Ayurvedic Wellness and Healing Center, in Buffalo, NY.  Martha began her career as a nurse in traditional Western medicine, but then turned to a more holistic approach.  She became a 3rd generation metaphysical and spiritual leader and healer and has written the book titled […]

#028 -Why Diets Fail, Tips for Fat Loss, and Three Steps to Get Started with Weight Loss—with Lacy Arnold

Today’s guest is Lacy Arnold, who is the founder and CEO of  She is a devoted mother to three daughters, who are the inspiration for her company.  She holds a BS degree in Health and Wellness and offers a unique approach to women’s fitness.  Lacy’s passion is to help mothers achieve their ideal body, […]

Essential Micronutrients and How to Get them From Your Food with Dr. Barbara Keck–#024

My guest today is Dr. Barbara Keck, a licensed and board certified naprapath.  (If that term is unfamiliar, then stay tuned to learn more!)  Dr. Keck is a nutritional counselor, and the founder of Kuma Healthcare and Wellness Center.  She has over 10 years experience in helping people connect with their bodies’ natural healing abilities.  […]

8 Underlying Causes of Health Issues with Dr. Bob Johnson – #023

My guest today is Dr. Bob Johnson, who is a practicing biological dentist at National Integrated Health Associates (NIHA), in Washington, DC.  Dr. Bob has been a speaker at the “Take Back Your Health” conference in DC.  He has run over 30 marathons, and even qualified for the 1984 Olympic marathon trials.  He completed 2 […]

Healing From Cancer, Food Therapy and Living Foods with Audree Lee – #022

    My guest today is Audree Lee Saunders, who is a nutrition and wellness educator in the Chicago area.  Audree is a certified holistic health coach, a health minister, and a medical missionary.  She also teaches classes that help others transform their lives by transforming their diet. Audree discusses her personal journey from sickness […]