#010 – Kim Hartke – Healing Fermented Foods and Knee Pain

Kim Hartke and her husband found themselves happily married and packing on the pounds.  Both began to experience side effects of a poor diet, like knee pain and digestion issues.  Kim started with the South Beach Diet and cut processed food and sugar out of her diet.  Kim began experimenting with different types of foods and found that one particular type of vegetables really contributed to her inflammation and knee pain.

Kim found that nightshade vegetables (potatoes, eggplant, peppers) really affected her knees.  These particular vegetables caused her to have increased inflammation and caused her knee pain to be chronic.  When she eliminated nightshades from her diet, her knee pain went away.

Kim’s husband found that his diet was causing gastrointestinal distress.  Through research, Kim found that fermented vegetables can aid in digestion.  Kim credits sauerkraut with helping her husband normalize his digestion.  In just 3 months, Kim and her husband had lost a combined total of 50 pounds.

Kim’s tips for cleaning up your diet:

  • Clean out your pantry and re-stock with green leafy and non-starchy vegetables.
  • Incorporate healthy fats and low-glycemic fruits for satiety.
  • Eat meat that is grass fed AND humanely raised as a quality protein.
  • Give up dairy, except for low-fat string cheese
  • Eat fermented foods each day to aid digestion.
To maintain her weight loss, Kim now goes to the gym 5 times a week.  In addition to working out, Kim suggests the following:

  • 90% food choices, 10% exercise
  • Keep starches low/moderate: no soda, sweeteners in coffee/tea
  • Lunch: eat the same way when they were trying to lose weight
  • Dessert only occasionally, but be very careful about it
  • Once you get going and you are successful, you want to keep going.  Don’t go back!

Eating out can be a challenge to anyone trying to eat a clean diet. Kim’s tips for eating clean when eating out are:

  • Avoid deep fried food, soy and canola oils used in restaurants are not real food and very damaging to cellular health. .
  • Grilled items
  • Sautéed in butter
  • Ask for olive oil and vinegar for salads
  • No potato, double veggie
  • Choose fresh ingredients every time you can

Some national restaurant chains serve more of this high-quality food, and you may have one in your area:

  • Chipotle
  • Carrabba’s
  • Sweet Greens

Kim’s diet today is still very structured and clean.  Kim recommends the following for maintain her weight loss:

Today: drink raw milk, eat raw milk cheeses, full fat yogurt, cottage cheese (still do these in moderation because they have both sugar and fat in them)

  • Nutrition in fat of milk is critical: Vitamin ADEK, great for bodybuilding
  • Soak all their flours before making pancakes or waffles, then dehydrate them to make crackers
  • Ferment your own cabbage, beet kavass (beet beverage).  8 month old sauerkraut is in its prime!
  • Low glycemic foods
  • Eat grass-fed meat, bison meat
  • Grass-fed beef and raw milk have anti-cancer properties due to CLA (fat in ruminant animals – conjugated linoleic acid)

A few other topics came up briefly in the episode.

Issues Surrounding Raw Milk:

  • Consider the source of information
  • Federal ban on interstate transportation of raw milk
  • Washington Post: The Raw Deal (child was failing to thrive)
  • Raw milk has anti-inflammatory properties
  • We should have the right to have access to this healing food

How do I know the source is a legitimate source?

  • Grass-fed dairy farm
  • Regular testing of the milk (private testing lab)
  • Visiting the farm
  • Checking with local WAP chapter leader for referrals
  • Farm to Consumer Foundation’s Safe Handling Consumer’s Guide on raw milk, Production Handbook

Who owns a Virginia farm?

  • Dave Matthews has a farm with a CSA
  • Ollie North TV anchor (Texas longhorn steer)
  • Sissy Spacek has a farm
  • Robert Duvall
  • Cisco systems (former owner), restaurant, farm store, ranch, turkey. Sandy Lerner Ayrshire farm

How to buy a Virginia farm?

Resources/cookbooks to get started:

WAP.org $40 to join, journal 4x a year


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Until next time, remember to eat consciously, because the world needs a healthy and vibrant you!

With Love <3
Dr. Anh


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