Improving Libido Naturally with Dr. Keesha Ewers

Welcome! My guest today is Dr. Keesha Ewers, who is the founder of the Functional Sexology Institute. Keesha is a psychotherapist and holds a PhD in Sexology. She uses functional medicine and the principles of Ayurvedic medicine to focus on women’s libido. 

Keesha covers the following areas of this topic:

  • Keesha suffered from rheumatoid arthritis but completely reversed those symptoms.
  • She noticed that her own sexual libido was lacking, and saw the same thing in many clients.
  • She used her master’s degree background in Ayurvedic medicine to address the issue of women’s libido.
  • Since this is such a delicate subject, Keesha focuses on creating a safe environment for clients to share their “libido story.”
  • Only 30% of medical providers ever ask patients about sexuality except in the context of STD’s and contraception.
  • The beliefs we have as adults were wired in our childhood. These issues include body image, pressure to be perfect, and other events and behaviors.
  • Some patients have resistance and some aren’t willing to do the work to rewire their mindset.
  • Keesha shares a study that shows that 69% of women in committed relationships for over a year do not experience spontaneous sexual desire.
  • Keesha says that trauma and abuse require deeper emotional work.
  • She uses three modalities to address trauma issues and explains each: EMDR, Brain Spotting, and Clinical Hypnotherapy.
  • Keesha explains the neurotransmitters and adrenal function that play into the Fight or Flight and Feed or Breed responses.
  • Women are falling through the cracks between medical science and behavioral science because we are so specialized in medicine today.
  • Keesha addresses daily chronic stress issues and uses genetic tests to show physiological reasons for sexual libido problems.
  • There are several big factors in libido issues in addition to your “story,” like physical issues, mental issues, and emotional/relationship conflict.
  • Keesha advocates treating clients holistically instead of compartmentalizing our problems.
  • Keesha also discusses the use of bioidentical hormones and the inflammatory responses that can affect sexual desire.

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