Fungal Infection, Artificial Sweeteners, and Antioxidants with Brian Wright—#020

  Brian Wright is a medicinal chemist who is currently working on his PhD at the University of Illinois in Chicago.  He is a specialist in the field of food additives, and is known as “The Empowerment Scientist.”  Brian’s work consists of research and experiments, both in the lab and in everyday life, to find […]

Healing From Crohn’s Disease, Less Doing and Stress Reduction with Ari Meisel – #019

  Today, I’m excited to introduce you to Ari Meisel, who has a passion for helping others learn to reduce stress in their lives.  Ari is a real estate developer, triathlete, blogger, consultant, wellness and productivity coach, as well as a husband and father.  He helps others daily from his website,, and he’s here […]

Saying YES to Treats, Sustainable Lifestyle Changes, and 5 Pillars of Health with Janae Devika – #018

  Janae was very sick as a child.  She always had something that required treatment from traditional medicine.  Nothing seemed to really cure her sickness, so they turned to alternative medicine, and she still continued to struggle with health issue.  In her 20’s she realized her liver and other organs were shutting down.  Finally, turning […]

Getting More Vegetables in Your Diet – Thomas Corson -Knowles, Episode #014

Thomas Corson-Knowles is a health coach who knows personally how eating healthy can change your life.  Thomas loves for people to get in touch with him, and the best way to do it is to email him.  He always answers all of his own emails. In his early 20’s Thomas realized he was a wreck. […]

Episode 013 – Healing Scoliosis, Ulcerative Colitis, and a Brain Tumor – Cliff and Marta Wilde

Meet Cliff and Marta Wilde – the founders and directors of Wilde Performance – a leading online health consultancy working with professionals whose career and lifestyle have dramatically affected their health. Their clients have often tried many conventional and alternative approaches and got nowhere. They now feel stuck but deep down know there is something […]

Eating Weeds, Carb Cycling and Intermittent Fasting Abel James — #012

Abel was raised by a mother that was a natural healing practitioner, so he knew the power and connection between plants and the body.  In his 20’s he found himself in a stressful job, not focusing on his health and gaining weight.  His pivotal moment came when he lost everything he owned in a house […]

Healing Lupus and How to Design Your Exercise and Nutrition Plan for Fat Loss and Muscle Building Thomas Tadlock, M.S.– #011

Thomas Tadlock has been recognized as one of the top 5 trainers in the US and MTV’s 2003 Hottest Body.  He is currently the host of the Vegan Body Revolution Show, which is the #1 ranked fitness and diet podcast on He has also been sought after and has worked with top personal trainers […]

#010 – Kim Hartke – Healing Fermented Foods and Knee Pain

Kim Hartke and her husband found themselves happily married and packing on the pounds.  Both began to experience side effects of a poor diet, like knee pain and digestion issues.  Kim started with the South Beach Diet and cut processed food and sugar out of her diet.  Kim began experimenting with different types of foods […]