Why Dr. Anh Will Help You Lose Weight And

Heal Yourself


If you want to learn how to eat to lose weight, you’re in the right place.

If you want to use food as medicine to heal yourself naturally, you’re also in the right place.

If you are a health care practitioner who wants to help your patients do any of the above, I can help you as well.

Here’s the deal:

You must learn about nutrition to lose weight and heal yourself naturally.  This is because, in the US, 70% of illness is preventable through proper nutrition and lifestyle changes, and 80% of weight loss is due to proper nutrition.

If you know the clean eating rules, it’s easier to lose weight and keep it off.  It’s also easier to get off most of your medications, have more energy, and reverse your illnesses when you are eating delicious foods (like in my Ginger-Spiced Turkey Meatballs Recipe and my Pumpkin Protein Pancake Recipe)

How do we find out what nutrition strategies really work to lose weight and heal illness?

I’ll interview experts in nutrition, feature case studies of people who have successfully healed their illnesses through nutrition, and give you simple, actionable steps that can help you get started on your journey.

Sound interesting?

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About Dr. Anh


Having lunch in Little Italy, NYC


This website, and the Food as Medicine Show with Dr. Anh, were founded by Dr. Anh Nguyen.  Dr. Anh is a Board-Certified Ambulatory Care Pharmacist (BCACP), avid foodie, and nutrition expert.

She graduated magna cum laude from Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey with her Doctorate in Pharmacy and went on to complete a post-graduate Community Pharmacy Practice Residency with the University of Iowa.  Dr. Anh is a lifelong learner, and was among the first 500 in the world to receive her BCACP board certification when it was first offered in 2011.  She also went on to get certified as a Health Coach, and is currently working on her personal training, sports nutrition, and fitness nutrition certifications from the International Sports Sciences Association.  She also practices what she preaches, and is training for her first natural bodybuilding competition in the figure category!


Training for My First Figure Competition

Dr. Anh became a pharmacist because she wanted to provide the medications to help patients get better.  However, after working in the field for a few years, she realized that the American “healthcare” system was really a sick care system, and while 70% of illness in America is preventable through proper nutrition and lifestyle changes, and 80% of weight loss is nutrition, most health care practitioners lack the training or expertise in nutrition that would truly help their patients heal.

You’ll find her approach to nutrition and natural healing is effective.  Her philosophy and treatment approach is to offer the best information, from real experts and success stories, to provide her subscribers, listeners, and readers the tools and inspiration they need to use food as medicine and start taking action to make a positive change in their lives.

Ultimately, however, your body is it’s own research laboratory and not a simple math equation, so it’s not just about the calories in and calories out.  It’s about you taking the information you’ve learned here, applying it, tracking the results, and seeing how you respond.  Because how you respond can be different from how someone else responds, and YOU are the ultimate expert in your own body.  What works for one person may not work for another person.

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