Specializing in thyroid, cholesterol, and gut conditions.

Dr. Anh Nguyen is a board-certified pharmacist, certified health coach, avid foodie and functional medicine practitioner who helps people use food as medicine to reduce, and if appropriate, eliminate their medications. She also helps people who have been taking medications for a long time deal with drug-induced nutrient deficiencies. She specializes in treating thyroid, cholesterol, and gut conditions naturally. She is also the host of the popular podcast, Food as Medicine with Dr. Anh where she interviews people who have healed themselves or their clients using food as medicine.

Her approach to food and nutrition is practical, step-by-step, and tailored to the individual person’s preferences to create healthy habits for life. She loves to travel and is obsessed with Korean dramas, corgis, and all things fluffy.

My mission is to help you lose weight, improve your bloodwork, and have more energy while eating food and doing things you love.

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(To help you find and fix the root cause of your chronic health problem)

1 hour case review $295:

Includes interpretation of labs, medication review, and follow-up document with the plan and recommendations

30 minute follow-up for established client $147.50:

Includes interpretation of up to 2 lab reports, medication review, and follow-up document with the plan and recommendations


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Becky went into early menopause after chemo and could not lose weight. One week after speaking with me:

Becky A




I’m so happy my doctor was wrong: 

Connie-product testimonial


COACHING (Health):

(To provide you step-by-step support and guidance along your health journey)

4 months of health coaching $297/mo or $997 if paid in full

Includes four 15-minute sessions/month + 1 just-in-time session/mo if needed if you have an urgent question + supporting documents and recipes as needed

Monthly Option:


Paid in Full:

6 months of health coaching $297/mo or $1,497 if paid in full

Includes four 15-minute sessions/month + 1 just-in-time session/mo if needed if you have an urgent question + supporting documents and recipes as needed

Monthly Option:


Paid in Full:



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Autoimmune issues, muscle aches, and digestion problems are a thing of the past:

FAM testimonial-Heidi S

With dedication, focus, and support most people will feel better within weeks to a few months and heal within 6 months. Tougher or more advanced cases may take a few years.

COACHING (Life and Business):

(To provide you step-by-step support and guidance towards your life and business goals)

Life and Business consulting and coaching are available at the above-mentioned rates. Please indicate on your intake form what you are seeking guidance on.



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I befriended Anh with the intention of making friends with successful people, those that were making things happen. After just a few sessions with Anh, I became one of those successful people, making things happen in my own life. In the past 7 months, thanks to Anh’s coaching I have started my own business, completed my first marathon (mind you I was not a runner prior to this),  cultivated  successful habits by creating networks and structures that move me towards my goals .

Anh’s coaching style inspired me to take ownership of my life, focusing on results instead of excuses.  Once, when I was telling a story about why I couldn’t get something done, Anh shared with me an idea that completely transformed my outlook. She said “a successful person is someone that moves through, moves around, moves over and under the obstacle to get the desired result in ALL areas of their life.”  Anh’s holistic approach to coaching, continues to help me create harmony in my personal, business, health and spiritual life, thus creating space for important areas in my life.

 Anh is a “master of people.” Her tremendous capacity to listen continues to help me evaluate, adjust and identify actionable ways to achieve my goals. She has a unique ability to connect people with resources relevant to their needs in order to move forward. For example, she once connected me to other entrepreneurs in my industry, expediting my learning curve.  In another instance, she invited me to a spiritual retreat that got me centered at a time I needed to slow down and get rejuvenated.   

 If there is one thing I can say about Anh as a coach, it is that she has your back. Her commitment to help me achieve results is what made her call me at 7 am, while she was travelling in Vietnam  to hold me accountable and help me develop the “how to”s  for what I was committed to creating that week.  7 months with Anh has shaped me into a completely different person, someone with an edge that is able to implement and execute rapidly to create results, someone that knows how to co – create her own life.

I will be forever grateful to you, Anh for your sincerity. I am grateful for your vulnerability during our sessions when it was what I needed the most to move past my fear. Thank you for believing in me when I didn’t believe in myself, giving me the courage to get out of my comfort zone. Thank you for modeling what integrity looks like in everyday life. Your coaching has helped me develop the capacity to draw out the answer from within myself, such that I now know that I am unstoppable. Thanks so much Anh. It’s being such an honor and privilege working with you.  I am so glad you exist.

Bosede Agbaje-Williams



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Change your life simply by the food you eat:

Christy Haussler

Taking notes as I listen:


Love from Germany–One of my favorite podcasts:

Helgard Schueler



Crohn’s Disease living a healthier life:



Incorporating what I learn for myself and my clients:

Mr Belvederes


Not “in the pocket” of Big Pharma:

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