Gut Health, Antibiotics and Swimming with Dr. Grace Liu – FAM #053

Welcome! Today’s guest is Dr. Grace Liu, who is a pharmacist and functional medicine practitioner. She is the “Gut Goddess.” Her expertise is in pharmacy nutrition and optimal health, and her training includes plant biology, food science, nutritional science, pharmacy, and Crossfit Nutrition. She and I met at the PaleoFX 2015 conference in Austin, TX, and I’ve been excited to have her on the show. Join us!

Grace Liu

Grace obtained a nutritional science degree, then took some time off before going to pharmacy school. She worked in traditional medicine for 13 years. She became really sick and then discovered Paleo and CrossFit. It was when she lived in China in 2008 that she began focusing on gut health, and this focus is what led her to specialize her practice in all aspects of gut health.

Grace shares the following about gut health:

  • Gut health is important for many reasons, but one reason is that 80% of the immune system is in the gut. Operating without proper gut health is like operating with only half of your brain!
  • Grace uses a “tree” picture to illustrate each person’s microbiome, showing the branches of the different bacteria found in the gut.
  • Many problems and health disorders are caused when the needed varieties of bacteria aren’t present. One problem is the presence of too many antibiotics in our society!
  • If you aren’t feeling well, you probably need to replenish the needed bacteria. Grace discusses the inexpensive tests that can be done to assess the composition of the gut.
  • Dysbiosis or SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth) is common in the upper gut; sometimes a low carb diet can help.
  • Grace explains the process of “weeding” as it applies to monitoring your gut flora.
  • Grace shares her 7 Steps to Heal your Gut:
    • Hormones in Digestion
    • Bionic Fiber
    • Probiotics
    • Diet
    • Exercise
    • Weeding
    • Fermented Foods
  • Grace shares her favorite ways to heal the adrenals because of the gut connection: go to bed early, assess heart rate variability, and try hydrotherapy. Swimming seems to be a secret to health!
  • The take-home action steps are: gut health is likened to what keeps our cars in good running order. “Good bacteria are the guardians of good health! Invite them in through probiotics and good nutrition.”

You’ve learned the basics of gut health from Dr. Grace! Everyone can benefit from all that she has shared with us. Thanks for listening!

How to reach Dr. Grace Liu and more:  (Grace’s website with many links and resources)

Dr. Grace’s probiotic


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Gut Health, Antibiotics and Swimming with Dr. Grace Liu

Welcome! Today’s guest is Dr. Grace Liu, who is a pharmacist and functional medicine practitioner. She is the “Gut Goddess.”...