Gentler Menopause, Tonic Herbs and Jing Energy with George Lamoreux – #025

My guest for today’s show is George Lamoureux from Jing Herbs.  George left a high-stress job as a crude oil trader on Wall Street to become a tonic and clinical herbalist.  He received a master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and founded Jing Herbs.  He has been a featured speaker at the Take Back Your Health Conference in Washington, DC. George was introduced to tonic herbs by a coworker; this was after he left a stressful NYC job to work in the restaurant business in CA.  He was intrigued by tonic herbs and set out to learn more.

George Lamoureaux Do you want to learn more about tonic herbs?  I invite you to listen to the show and enjoy our discussion of the following:

  • Tonic herbs are a special class of herbs, used to treat major states of health. The focus is achieving and maintaining all aspects of good health, and not just treating illness.
  • Traditional Chinese medicine focuses on “the Three Treasures”—jing, qi, and shen. Join us to learn more about this fascinating philosophy!
  • The first tonic herb that George was introduced to remains #1 on his list. You’ll have to listen to the show to find out the name, uses, benefits, and preparations of this important tonic herb.
  • George’s website offers a free optimal health analysis test for anyone who wants to begin using tonic herbs for wellness.
  • Who should use tonic herbs, and at what age should they start? George gives detailed advice as he answers these questions.
  • Tonic herbs can be used to treat PMS and menopause symptoms. If American women used tonic herbs like Chinese women do, then symptoms would be much less!

JOIN US TO LEARN ABOUT THESE TOPICS AND SO MUCH MORE! Now it’s your turn!   WHAT changes have you made in your diet? HOW have those changes affected your health? WHAT has been your biggest challenge while implementing a healthy lifestyle? WHO do you want to hear from?   Let me know in the comments below and I will try my best to get them on the show!  I want to answer your burning questions and for YOU to add your thoughts to the conversation.  So go ahead and leave a comment now.   And if you want even more resources to heal yourself naturally, make sure you sign up for my email updates, because I share some insights in my email updates that I don’t share anywhere else.   Thanks so much for stopping by and until next time, remember to eat consciously, because the world needs a healthy and vibrant you!

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