Healing Scoliosis, Ulcerative Colitis and A Brain Tumor, with Cliff and Marta Wilde – 013

Meet Cliff and Marta Wilde – the founders and directors of Wilde Performance – a leading online health consultancy working with professionals whose career and lifestyle have dramatically affected their health.

Their clients have often tried many conventional and alternative approaches and got nowhere. They now feel stuck but deep down know there is something that can be done so that they can FEEL BETTER AGAIN but haven’t yet found the right people to give them back that hope.

They both believe in a world where everyone feels empowered, supported and in control of their own health and life.

They help you become aware of what is ‘normal’ and what certainly isn’t ‘normal’, while at the same time – treating you like a member of their own family, with unconditional love, care and attention.

They make things simple and easy to understand.

Never judge and always go at your pace…not theirs.

They are motivated by their own journeys and do all that weird health-based-stuff that ‘just works’ and leaves your Doctors scratching their heads.

As those that have worked with them often say:

’We help you bring your health, body and mind together to become the best version of yourself, which if left to your own devices would never happen’

Cliff and Marta Wilde

In this episode, we discuss how eating helped cure the following diseases:


Ulcerative Colitis

Brain tumor

Marta has an extremely personal journey into nutrition that includes extreme fatigue, depression, panic attacks etc. Conventional medicine dismissed this and she turned to alternative approaches. She now flies the flag on educating people on stress related disorders and how what you eat or do not eat has a direct response on how you function.

Nutrition is the most powerful tool we have for living a life of optimal health. Reverse IBS, acid reflux, and even come off anti-depressants.

In today’s show, we talk about the following topics:

  • healing the digestive system as we see it as hugely important for obtaining optimal health.
  • balancing adrenal activity, whether it is over secretion or under secretion of cortisol.
  • helping people become educated about how awesome they feel when they take control of their food & lifestyle.

Free Gift!

Cliff and Marta have generously offered a free health discovery call with any of our listeners that would like to get some free health coaching.  To take advantage of this offer, simply click here.


email: info@wildeperformance.com



Twitter: @performwilde 



Now it’s your turn!

WHAT changes have you made in your diet?

HOW have those changes affected your health?

WHAT has been your biggest challenge while implementing a healthy lifestyle?

WHO do you want to hear from?

Let me know in the comments below and I will try my best to get them on the show!  I want to answer your burning questions and for YOU to add your thoughts to the conversation.  So go ahead and leave a comment now.

And if you want even more resources to heal yourself naturally, make sure you sign up for my email updates, because I share some insights in my email updates that I don’t share anywhere else.

Thanks so much for stopping by and until next time, remember to eat consciously, because the world needs a healthy and vibrant you!

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