Foundations of Health: 4 Essential Supplements– #004

Lucinda Harms is a pharmacist and the Director of Pharmacy at Advance Health and CarePro Compounding.  She often finds herself recommending supplements to patients who come in for a prescription, gluten-free foods, or other things at Advance Health.  This is because we have such depleted diets in this country that it’s really difficult if not impossible to get all the nutrients we need from our diet.  That is why it is common for her to make a recommendation for good quality supplements to address her patients’ health concerns, to replenish nutrients that are depleted by the drugs they are taking, or to prevent or treat a condition that they have.

I met Lucinda when I was doing my post-doctorate community practice residency in Iowa and it was the first time I was exposed to integrative health, which set me on the path to where I am today ☺

Lucinda Harms for blog

In today’s show, Lucinda and I chat about:

  • What is compounding and integrative health
  • The 4 Key Supplements to Help You Build a Solid Foundation of Health
  • Which latitudes in the world experience a Vitamin D winter where you would need to supplement with Vitamin D all winter long
  • What dosages to take of the supplements she recommends
  • How to space probiotics and antibiotics

Resources Mentioned in the Show:

Now it’s your turn!

WHAT changes have you made in your diet?  HOW have those changes affected your health?

WHAT has been your biggest challenge while implementing a healthy lifestyle?

WHO do you want to hear from?  Let me know in the comments below and I will try my best to get them on the show!

I want to answer your burning questions and for YOU to add your thoughts to the conversation.  So go ahead and leave a comment now. 

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Thanks so much for stopping by and until next time, remember to eat consciously, because the world needs a healthy and vibrant you!



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