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Taking Back Your Health, Healing from JRA and Chronic Lyme Disease with Robin Shirley—#021

Robin Shirley

My guest today is Robin Shirley, who is the president and founder of “Take Back Your Health.”  TBYH exists to empower people who suffer from chronic illness, and give them options to recover a vibrant, meaningful lifestyle.  Robin is also a member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP).  She speaks, consults, and writes on topics of holistic healthcare and online business strategies.  Robin’s life mission is to support others with health challenges, and help them implement healthy lifestyle choices.

Robin’s journey to health began in 1999, when she was at summer camp as a middle school student.  She experienced high fever, a rash, aches, and pains.  After numerous doctor visits, tests, and medications, she was diagnosed with systemic Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis (JRA) and chronic Lyme disease.

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Fungal Infection, Artificial Sweeteners, and Antioxidants with Brian Wright—#020

Brian Wright


Brian Wright is a medicinal chemist who is currently working on his PhD at the University of Illinois in Chicago.  He is a specialist in the field of food additives, and is known as “The Empowerment Scientist.”  Brian’s work consists of research and experiments, both in the lab and in everyday life, to find scientifically-valid ways that people can experience great health and a great life.  His findings have been featured on NBC News and in the Chicago Sun-Times.

In this episode, Brian tells about a serious fungal infection that plagued him, until a little-known herbal remedy cured the infection plus other maladies.  This experience caused Brian to conclude that plants are powerfulListen to find out the remedy.

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Healing from Crohn’s Disease, Less Doing and Stress Reduction with Ari Meisel – #019


Today, I’m excited to introduce you to Ari Meisel, who has a passion for helping others learn to reduce stress in their lives.  Ari is a real estate developer, triathlete, blogger, consultant, wellness and productivity coach, as well as a husband and father.  He helps others daily from his website, lessdoing.com, and he’s here to […]

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Healing From a Very Weak Immune System, High Cholesterol, and Worsening Vision with Dr. Janae Devika – #018

Janae Devika - Cafe Janae

Dr. Janae Devika is a Family Nurse Practitioner whose main focus is integrative healing and medical nutrition.  Janae has been practicing the healing arts for over 16 years, and has experience as an herbalist,  massage therapist, meridian tapping coach, health and wellness coach, and essential oils practitioner. Janae is also a holistic chef extraordinaire. Her passion […]

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Overcoming Back Pain by Addressing the Body’s Imbalances- #017

Jerry Kennedy

Dr. Jerry Kennedy has been dealing with constant back pain since he was 17 years old and discovered through his own recovery that being healthy had very little to do with doctors and therapists.  He specializes in non-drug treatment of neck and back pain and is the creator of Neck Pain Unplugged and Back Pain […]

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Ketogenic Diets, Low Carb Diets and Gluten with Danny Lennon – #016

Ketogen Diets, Low Carb Diets, and Gluten

Danny Lennon is the CEO and founder of Sigma Nutrition who is a self-professed geek of health and human performance. Danny has a master’s in Nutritional Science and has learned from some of the biggest names in the fields of nutrition, health and performance including Alan Aragon, Martin MacDonald, Robb Wolf, Dr. Bryan Walsh, Dr. […]

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Taming Type 2 Diabetes with Karlena Barron – #015

Healing Type 2 Diabetes With Food

Karlena Barron is a Type 2 diabetes health and fitness coach who has trained many individuals and helped them reach their fitness goals. She began her career at Duke University as a coaching assistant intern for some of best athletes in the world. She trained the Women and Men’s Soccer teams, Women and Men’s Swimming […]

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Lowering Disease Risk, Eating Vegetables, and Successful Behavior Change – Thomas Corson-Knowles, #014

Food As Medicine, Dr. Anh

Today we are talking with Tom Corson-Knowles.  Tom went from being a teenager who was sick all of the time (even though his parents were medical doctors) to becoming a healthy and fit adult.  We have known each other for a few years when we first met at some personal development seminars.  He is a […]

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Healing Scoliosis, Ulcerative Colitis and A Brain Tumor, with Cliff and Marta Wilde – 013

Cliff and Marta Wilde

Meet Cliff and Marta Wilde – the founders and directors of Wilde Performance – a leading online health consultancy working with professionals whose career and lifestyle have dramatically affected their health. Their clients have often tried many conventional and alternative approaches and got nowhere. They now feel stuck but deep down know there is something […]

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Eating Weeds, Cycling Carbs and Intermittent Fasting with Abel James – #012

Abel James Cover

Abel James was raised by a natural health practitioner mother, who taught him the connection between real food and his body.  As Abel grew up and went out into the real world, he had the same issues everyone else had.  He worked a stressful job and didn’t have time to focus on his diet or […]

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