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FFP015 Food Rights, Raw Milk, and Governmental Fearmongering


In today’s episode, I interview David Gumpert. David is a former reporter with The Wall Street Journal, editor at Inc. and Harvard Business Review. He is a nationally recognized writer and authority on the intersection of food, health, and business. David brings a journalistic perspective, seeking to uncover the truth behind the food rights in our country. David’s articles on food politics have appeared in Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Boston Globe Magazine, Food Safety News, Huffington Post, The Nation, Alternet, Modern Farmer and Grist.

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FFP014 The 8 Underlying Causes of All Health Problems


In today’s episode, I interview Dr Bob Johnson. Dr Johnson is a practicing Biological Dentist at the National Integrated Health Associates in Washington D.C. He practiced as a traditional dentist in New England before realizing the tremendous connection between dental health and overall health. He felt that delivering traditional health and dental care was actually compromising his patient’s health. Once he realized this, he began his intensive journey to truly understand the connection between dental health and overall health. He has taken over 8000 hours of continuing education and has studied with the world’s most talented dentists and health practitioners.

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FFP013 Diet for Knee Pain, How to Eat Healthy at Restaurants, and Fermented Foods with Kim Hartke


Kim Hartke is the author of the blog HartkeIsOnline.com. Kim stumbled on the whole food and real food movement when she was looking for non-medical alternatives to her families’ health issues. She followed the South Beach Diet and with her husband, they went on to lose 50lbs between the two of them and have been […]

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FFP012 Gentler Menopause, Tonic Herbs, and Jing Energy with George Lamoureux


In today’s episode, I interview George Lamoureaux, who left his high stress Wall Street job to become a master herbalist and open his own company. George has been a tonic and clinical herbalist for two decades and has founded a Chinese herbal company called Jing Herbs.

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FFP011 Taking Back Your Health with Robin Shirley


In today’s episode, I interview Robin Shirley. Robin is the President and Founder of the International Health Coach Association and the Take Back Your Health Conference which I’ll be attending this upcoming April 26-28 in Washington, DC (hope to see some of you there!). She speaks, consults and writes on the topics of holistic health […]

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FFP010 Carb Cycling, Eating Weeds, and Intermittent Fasting with Abel James

abel feature

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FFP009 Energy Optimization and Having a Gold Medal Life with Barbara Robins

Barbara 2013

My guest today is Barbara Robins, The Energy Optimizer. In her first year of practice Barbara treated over 800 people with a 97% success rate at reducing or eliminating their stress, depression, physical pain and more. Recently she helped an injured athlete mentally, emotionally and physically to win her first Olympic Gold Medal. Barbara has […]

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FFP008 Healing Chronic Pain, Ayurvedic Medicine, and Eating for Your Body Type with Martha Gesegnet-Blessing, RN


In today’s episode, I interview Martha Gesegnet-Blessing. Martha began her career as a nurse in traditional western medicine but quickly left that for a more holistic approach and became a third generation metaphysical and spiritual healer. Martha has over 20 years of experience in holistic health is the founder of Niagara Ayurveda Wellness and Healing […]

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FFP007 Weight Loss Resistance, Bio-Individuality, and Nutrition Misinformation with Ivy Stirling


In today’s episode, I interview Ivy Stirling who is a Nutritionist and Coach. Her focus is to help each client find the right food plan for themselves, because she believes in the concept of bio-individuality, or that there is no one perfect plan or diet for every person. She firmly believes in the healing power […]

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FFP006 Overcoming an Eating Disorder, Avoiding Endless Cardio, and Burpees with Stephanie Inness

stephanie feature

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